"Being a study regarding the level of their professional vocation and service. With work experience based on honesty, integrity and impartiality. Always focusing our work on ethics and excellence. "

Our Service

30 years we specialize in Notary and Real Estate Services...

• Assistance and advice on property purchase comprehensive urban and rural
• Advice on Commercial Law
• Constitution of mortgages and other guarantees
• Registration of contracts and operations in Public Records
• Establishment of all business corporations
• Establishment of housing estates and country clubs
• Real Estate Trusts
• Negotiation and mediation business
• Wills
• Notary services in general

Partner / Director
Esc. Carlos Albertoni

Investment and Foreign Trade Services

The AG & Assoc Study is located in a strategic point of Uruguay. The North Coast region of the country has excellent logistical connections with Brazil and Argentina.

This feature allows you to be a potential site for international investment that wants to expand into the region and the world.

The Department of Foreign Trade and Investment AG & Assoc. offers an integral service in this area, helping to develop their business efficiently with the outside import/export or the installation of a foreign investment in this region of Uruguay.
In AG Assoc. we want to analyze new opportunities for your business that serve a personalized way, providing comprehensive solutions.

The investment area of AG & Assoc assists the foreign investors to find the legal and tax opportunities that offer established in this region of Uruguay.

Partner - Department of Investment and Foreign Trade
Lic. Nicolás Albertoni