The North Coast Region of Uruguay

Why Salto is a good place to invest?

Salto is located in one of the most productive regions of the country...

The northern coast of Uruguay.

Is a strategic region for business. It formed by three of the 19 departments, Salto, Paysandú and Artigas, is located in the northwest of the country on the coasts of Uruguay River and is bordered to the west of Argentina and Brazil to the north.

The region is located roughly between 30 ° and 33.5 ° south latitude and meridians 56° and 58° west longitude. The total land area is approximately 40,000 km2 and represents 23% of the country's land area. It has a population of 320 000 people representing 10% of the total population.

One of the most important capitals of this region is the Department of Salto. The Department has excellent logistical connections with the region. A direct connection with Argentina through the Great Falls International Bridge, which is the hydroelectric dam, the first binational of Latin America.

A productive region.

The A productive region. According to official data, the production of the region measured by GDP represents 6.4% of the country. The region's economic structure is based on the primary sector, which represents 23% of total production. Within the region there are differential developments. In the department of Paysandú industry has a greater importance with respect to the region; in Salto the primary sector has a lower incidence but higher relative to the rest of the country, stressing the importance of the service sector.

In the region, agricultural production has 3,823,000 hectares very productive. In the Department, the fruit sector is 1.4% (mainly citrus), horticulture 1% and rice 1.4% of the surface.

Salto: a department of tourism and culture

Salto is a department with tourism throughout the year. This has contributed to various national and international companies to choose this department to locate their businesses.
It is the department with the highest thermal tourism in the country. It has the two major hot spring resorts of this region of Uruguay.

Termas de Arapey, located 60km from the center of the city, offers a natural environment. Less than 10 minutes from the city is Termas del Dayman, where you can combine relax and fun, full of flowers, trees, gardens and pools with all temperatures. In Dayman is the first thermal water park that exists in South America, with high and colorful trampolines, slides and tubes.

This department also has important cultural attractions. The city has two theaters offer works and activities related to art on a regular basis due to artistic expression and culture is an important aspect of this city. One of the theaters is the Larrañaga, with the largest hall in the interior of the country, also a National Historic Landmark, founded in 1882. In addition, the department has several historical museums keeping relics of one of the most important indigenous areas of the country.

Services for investment

Department of Investment and Foreign Trade of AG & Assoc offers the companies an integral service in this area, helping to develop their business efficiently with the outside, the installation of a foreign investment, or purchase of urban and rural properties in this region of Uruguay.

In AG & Assoc we provide the investor an easy access to the legal and tax opportunities to settle in this region of Uruguay.

Department of Investment and Foreign Trade
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Logistics Interconnection


Buenos Aires 482 kms. / Por routes 14 y Salto Grande
Córdoba 621 kms. / Por routes 19, 18, 14 y Salto Grande
Rosario 370 kms. / Por routes 11, 18, 14 y Salto Grande
Paraná 295 kms. / Por routes 18, 14 y Salto Grande
Santa Fé 400 kms.
Uruguayana 210 kms. / Por routes BR 472 y 3
Porto Alegre 800 kms.
San Pablo 1903 kms.
Asunción 915 kms. / Por routes 14, BR 472 y 3
Montevideo 498 kms. / Por routes 1 y 3
Colonia 420 kms. / Por routes 21, 2, 24 y 3


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